Record a video

Select Menu > Applications > Camera.

  1. To switch from image mode to video mode, if necessary, select qgn-indi-cam-options.jpg > rc.qgn-indi-vid4-video.jpg.

  2. To pause recording, select Pause. To resume, select Continue. If you pause recording and do not press any key within one minute, the recording stops.

    To zoom in or out, use the zoom keys.

  3. To stop recording, select Stop. The video is automatically saved in Gallery.

After recording a video

After you record a video, select from the following (available only if you have selected Options > Settings > Show last captured video > Yes):

qgn-indi-tb-play.jpgPlay - Play the video you just recorded.

qgn-indi-cam4-tb-upload.jpg - Upload the image to a compatible online album.

qgn-indi-cam4-tb-delete.jpgDelete - Delete the video.

To return to the viewfinder to record a new video, select Back.