Select Menu > Gallery and Images & videos.

By default, the images, videos, and folders are organized by date and time.

To open a file, select a file from the list. To zoom in an image, use the volume key.

To edit a video or an image, select Options > Edit.

Select an image, Options > Use image, and from the following:

Set as wallpaper - Use the image as wallpaper in the home screen.

Set as call image - Set the image as a default call image

Assign to contact - Set the image as a call image for a contact.

Select a video, Options > Use video clip, and from the following:

Assign to contact - Assign the video as a ringing tone for a contact.

Set as ringing tone - Set the video as a ringing tone.

The toolbar helps you select frequently used functions with images, videos, and folders.

From the toolbar, select from the following:

qgn-indi-cam4-tb-send.jpgSend - Send your image or video.

rc.qgn-indi-mg-tb-delete.jpgDelete - Delete an image or a video.