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The Log application stores information about the communication history of the device. The device registers missed and received calls only if the network supports these functions, and the device is switched on and within the network service area.

Recent calls

You can view information about your recent calls.

Select Menu > Applications > Log and Recent calls.

View missed, received, and dialed calls

Select Missed calls, Received calls, or Dialed numbers.

Tip: To open the dialed numbers list in the home screen, press the call key.

Select Options and from the following:

Save to Contacts - Save a phone number from a recent calls list to your contacts.

Clear list - Clear the selected recent calls list.

Settings - Select Log duration and the length of time that the communication information is saved in the log. If you select No log, no information is saved in the log.

Packet data

Select Menu > Applications > Log.

You may be charged for your packet data connections by the amount of data sent and received.

Check the amount of data sent or received during GPRS connections

Select Data counter > All sent data or All received data.

Clear both sent and received information

Select Data counter > Options > Clear counters. You need the lock code to clear the information.

Call duration

You can view the approximate duration of your last call, dialled and received calls, and all calls.

Select Menu > Applications > Log and Call duration.

Monitor all communication events

In the general log, you can view information on communication events, such as voice calls, text messages, or data and Wi-Fi connections registered by your device.

Select Menu > Applications > Log.

Open the general log

Open the general log tab rc.qgn-prop-log-logs-tab2.jpg.

Subevents, such as a text message sent in more than one part and packet data connections, are logged as one communication event. Connections to your mailbox, multimedia messaging center, or web pages are shown as packet data connections.

View the packet data connection details

Go to an incoming or outgoing packet data connection event indicated with GPRS, and select the connection event.

Copy a phone number from the log

Select and hold the number, and from the pop-up menu, select Use number > Copy. You can, for example, paste the phone number to a text message.

Filter the log

Select Options > Filter and a filter.

Define the log duration

Select Options > Settings > Log duration. If you select No log, all the log contents, recent calls register, and messaging delivery reports are permanently deleted.