With RealPlayer, you can play video clips or stream media files over the air without saving them to the device first.

RealPlayer does not necessarily support all file formats or all the variations of file formats.

Select Menu > Applications > RealPlayer.

RealPlayer toolbar

Select Menu > Applications > RealPlayer.

In the Video clips, Streaming links, and Recently played views, the following toolbar icons may be available:

Send - Send a video clip or streaming link.

Play - Play a video or video stream.

Delete - Delete a video or streaming link.

Remove - Remove a file from the recently played list.

Play a video

Select Menu > Applications > RealPlayer.

Play a video

Select Video clips and a video.

List recently played files

In the main view, select Recently played.

Go to a video, and select Options and from the following:

Use video clip - Assign a video to a contact or set it as a ringing tone.

Mark/Unmark - Mark or unmark an item, to send or delete multiple items at the same time.

View details - View details, such as format, resolution, and duration.

Settings - Edit settings for video playback and streaming.

Stream content over the air

Select Menu > Applications > RealPlayer.

Streaming content over the air is a network service. Select Streaming links and a link. You can also receive a streaming link in a text or multimedia message, or open a link on a web page.

Before live content begins streaming, your device connects to the site and starts loading the content. The content is not saved in your device.

In RealPlayer, you can only open RTSP links. However, RealPlayer can also play a RAM file if you open a HTTP link to it in a browser.