Your device automatically creates a voice tag for the contacts.

Listen to a voice tag for a contact

  1. Select a contact and Options > Voice tag details.

  2. Scroll to a contact detail, and select Options > Play voice tag.

Make a call with a voice tag

Note: Using voice tags may be difficult in a noisy environment or during an emergency, so you should not rely solely upon voice dialing in all circumstances.

When you use voice dialing, the loudspeaker is in use. Hold the device at a short distance away when you say the voice tag.

  1. To start voice dialling, in the home screen, press and hold the call key. If a compatible headset with the headset key is attached, press and hold the headset key to start voice dialing.

  2. A short tone sounds, and Speak now is displayed. Say clearly the name that is saved for the contact.

  3. The device plays a synthesized voice tag for the recognized contact in the selected device language, and displays the name and number. To cancel the voice dialing, select Quit.

If several numbers are saved for a name, you can say also the name and the number type, such as mobile or telephone.