Ringing tones, images, and call text for contacts

You can define a ringing tone for a contact or contact group, and an image and call text for a contact. When the contact calls you, the device plays the selected ringing tone and shows the call text or image (if the caller’s phone number is sent with the call and your device recognizes it).

Select Menu > Contacts.

Add more fields to a contact details view

Select the contact and Options > Edit > Options > Add detail.

Define a ringing tone for a contact or contact group

Select the contact or contact group and Options > Ringing tone, and select a ringing tone.

Remove the ringing tone from a contact

Select Default tone from the list of ringing tones.

Add an image for a contact

Select a contact saved in the device memory and Options > Add image, and select an image from Gallery.

Define a call text for a contact

Select the contact and Options > Add call alert text. Enter the call text, and select qgn-indi-input-close.jpg.

View, change or remove the image from a contact

  1. Select a contact and Options > Image, and the desired option.