Select Menu > Messaging.

Before you can create a multimedia message or write an e-mail, you must have the correct connection settings defined.

If the item you insert in a multimedia message is too large for the network, the device may automatically reduce the size.

Only compatible devices can receive and display multimedia messages. Messages may look different in different devices.

Check the size limit of e-mail messages with your service provider. If you attempt to send an e-mail message that exceeds the size limit of the e-mail server, the message is left in the Outbox folder, and the device will attempt to resend it periodically. Sending an e-mail requires a data connection, and continuous attempts to resend the e-mail may incur charges from your service provider. In the Outbox folder, you can delete such message, or move it to the Drafts folder.

Messaging requires network services.

Send a text or multimedia message

Select New message.

Send an audio or e-mail message

Select Options > Create message, and the relevant option.

Select recipients or groups from the contacts list

Select qgn-indi-tb-add-recipient.jpg from the toolbar.

Enter the number or e-mail address manually

Tap the To field.

Enter the subject of the e-mail or multimedia message

Enter it in the Subject field, . If the Subject field is not visible, select Options > Message header fields to change the fields that are visible.

Write the message

Tap the message field.

Add an object to a message or e-mail

Select qgn-indi-tb-expand-insert.jpg and the relevant type of content.

The message type may change to multimedia message based on the inserted content.

Send the message or e-mail

Select qgn-indi-tb-msg-send.jpg, or press the call key.

You can send text messages that are longer than the character limit for a single message. Longer messages are sent as two or more messages. Your service provider may charge accordingly.

Characters with accents, other marks, or some language options, take more space, limiting the number of characters that can be sent in a single message.