With the Nokia Podcasting application (network service), you can search, discover, subscribe to, and download podcasts over the air, and play, manage, and share audio and video podcasts with your device.

Podcasting settings

Select Menu > Music > Podcasting.

To start using Podcasting, define your connection and download settings.

Connection settings

Select Options > Settings > Connection and from the following:

Default access point - Select the access point to use to connect to the internet.

Search service URL - Define the podcast search service web address, to use to search for podcasts.

Download settings

Select Options > Settings > Download and from the following:

Save to - Define where to save podcasts.

Update interval - Define how often podcasts are updated.

Next update time - Define the time of the next automatic update.Automatic updates only occur if a specific default access point is selected and the Podcasting application is open.

Download limit (%) - Define the percentage of memory that is reserved for podcast downloads.

If limit exceeds - Define what to do if the download limit is exceeded.

Setting the application to retrieve podcasts automatically may involve the transmission of large amounts of data through your service provider’s network. For information on data transmission charges, contact your service provider.

Restore default settings

Select Options > Restore default.

Download podcasts

After you have subscribed to a podcast, you can download, play, and manage the podcast episodes.

Select Menu > Music > Podcasting.

View a list of subscribed podcasts

Select Podcasts.

View individual episode titles

Select the podcast title.

An episode is a particular media file of a podcast.

Start a download

Select the episode title.

You can download multiple episodes at the same time.

Start playing a podcast before the download is complete

Go to a podcast, and select Options > Play preview.

Successfully downloaded podcasts are stored in the Podcasts folder, but may not be displayed immediately.