qgn-menu-voirec.jpg You can use the recorder to record voice memos and telephone conversations. You can also send sound clips to your friends.

Select Menu > Applications > Office > Recorder.

Record a sound clip

Select rc.qgn-indi-vorec-button-rec.jpg.

Stop recording a sound clip

Select rc.qgn-indi-vorec-button-stop.jpg.

Listen to the sound clip

Select rc.qgn-indi-vorec-button-play.jpg.

Send a sound clip as a message

Select Options > Send.

Record a telephone conversation

Open the recorder during a voice call, and select rc.qgn-indi-vorec-button-rec.jpg. Both parties hear a tone at regular intervals during recording.

Select the recording quality or where to save sound clips

Select Options > Settings.

You cannot use the recorder during a data call or when a GPRS connection is open.