Receive messages

Select Menu > Messaging and Inbox.


An unread text message


An unread multimedia message


An unread audio message


Data received through Bluetooth connectivity

When you receive a message, qgn-note-message.jpg and 1 new message are displayed in the home screen.

Open a message from the home screen

Select Show.

Open a message in the Inbox folder

Select the message.

Reply to a received message

Select Options > Reply.

Multimedia messages

Select Menu > Messaging.

Retrieve multimedia messages

Select Options > Retrieve. A GPRS connection is opened to retrieve the message to your device. You may receive a notification that a multimedia message is waiting in the multimedia message center.

When you open a multimedia message (qgn-prop-mce-mms-unread.jpg), you may see an image and a message. qgn-graf-mms-audio-play.jpg indicates that a sound clip is included. qgn-graf-mms-inserted-video-view.jpg indicates that a video is included.

Play the sound or video

Select the indicator.

View the media objects that have been included in a multimedia message

Select Options > Objects. attachments

If the message includes a multimedia presentation, qgn-graf-mms-play.jpg is displayed. presentations, multimedia

Play the presentation

Select the indicator.

Data, settings, and web service messages

Your device can receive many kinds of messages that contain data, such as business cards, ringing tones, operator logos, calendar entries, and e-mail notifications. You may also receive settings from your service provider in a configuration message.

Save the data in a message

Select Options and the corresponding option.

Web service messages are notifications (for example, news headlines), and may contain a text message or a link. For availability and subscription, contact your service provider.