How do I setup Mail for Exchange on my Nokia Symbian device?

Applies for Nokia E72, E73, C5-00, E52, E55, E5-00 devices.

Your Nokia device includes a built-in multiprotocol email client, which supports the Mail for Exchange (MFE) account using Microsoft ActiveSync protocol. Note! Mail for Exchange client installation is not needed. Before setting up Mail for Exchange, you need to know your Domain name, Mail for Exchange server name, User name and password. Contact your company's IT help desk to get this information. The following steps guide you through setting up Mail for Exchange.

Start the e-mail setup wizard. You can find the wizard in the following way:

  • Select Set up e-mail if shown on the home screen.
  • Or go to Email application and select New mailb. If this is first Mailbox on your device the Email application start with the New mailbox reguest.

Next perform the following steps:

  1. Select Start to begin entering the information for your email account.
  2. Select Mail for Exchange from the list.
  3. Enter your Email address, password, User name, Domain name and select Next.
  4. Connecting to Mail for Exchange server might be displayed.
  5. Select OK after you have read the information on the screen.
  6. What to sync is displayed. To synchronise CalendarContacts and/or To-Do in the initial sync select them now. Otherwise you can select them later on the Email client settings. Select Next.
  7. If you selected calendar, contacts and/or To-Do in step 6, then select either, Delete from phone or Keep on phone. 
  8. Now Mail for Exchange mailbox is added to your device and it is ready for use. Depending on your company policy you may be requested to change the lock code. The default lock code for your device is 12345.

Note! If you forget the lock code, the device needs to be taken for repair to have the lock code reset. For information of the nearest center, visit your local Nokia Support website.

Note! To select Calendar and Contact sync go to Email > Settings > Personal Inform. Manag. > Applications > Calendar (or Contacts) > Calendar sync > Yes (or Contact sync > Yes).