If you perform a hard reset and the phone memory (C:) gets formatted and the pre-loaded applications are removed, take the following actions to recover:

  • Reinstall phone software via Nokia Suite. Plug in your phone via USB to PC and select reinstall in the Nokia Suite Software Updates menu.
  • Install any application updates that may be available in Nokia Suite

If there are applications still missing, check the following:

  • In your phone, select Menu > SW Update (or Menu > Applications > SW Update) and install any updates that are available.
  • If Nokia Store application is successfully restored, connect to Nokia Store to search and install the missing applications (check My Stuff menu for the applications you have previously installed).
  • If any device backup is available, try restoring the data from the backup.

Phone memory (C: ) may get formatted and applications get removed if the phone memory is encrypted and you reset the phone with Delete data and restore command (or by typing *#7370#). Phone memory may get formatted also if you reset the device with "3-finger" hard reset (by using a device specific key combination to hard reset the phone).