How can I manage Excel content by using Office Mobile?

Office Mobile provides limited Word and Excel editing features compared to Office for PC. You can fully view the Documents and Workbooks created with Office on PC.

The text inside a cell in the Excel (Office Mobile) can be cut/copied/pasted:

  • To do this, you need to select the text in the cell editing line (the one on top of the window).
  • Pasting works by double tapping the cell edit area in the target cell.

Select text on the cell > double tap text on editing line > Select cut (or copy), go to target cell, double tap editing line and select paste.

You cannot clear an individual cell in a touch only mode, you can delete the text in cell by delete key (via editing line).

  • With E7’s keyboard you can select a cell, and then press backspace to clear that cell (via editing line).

You can delete multiple cells by painting them (first exit from the editing mode and swipe (paint) from the selected cell), then select Options and you can find Clear > Clear all, Clear formats, Clear comments and Clear contents, just like in the desktop version.

To resize a column, tap and hold the top of the column and wait for the options menu to appear. Select autofit and the column will be resized to the optimal size.