Learn about the keys and parts of your device.


On the front of the phone is the touch screen. Above the screen is the earpiece. At the top right corner is the front camera lens. Below the screen is, from left to right, the call key, the menu key, and the combined end and power key.

1 - Earpiece

2 - Light sensor

3 - Proximity sensor. Automatically disables the touch screen during calls.

4 - Menu key

5 - Call key

6 - Front camera

7 - End/Power key

Do not cover the area above the touch screen with, for example, protective film or tape.

Sides, back, and bottom

With the front of the phone facing you, on the right edge are, from top to bottom, the volume keys, the key lock switch, and the camera key. With the back of the phone facing you, at the top is, from left to right, the camera flash, the camera lens, and the loudspeaker. At the bottom is, from left to right, the wrist strap peg, the charger connector, the charging indicator, the Nokia AV connector, the micro-USB connector, and the microphone.

1 - Camera flash/Flashlight

2 - Volume/Zoom key

3 - Key lock switch/Flashlight switch

4 - Camera key

5 - Back camera

6 - Loudspeaker

7 - Charger connector

8 - Wrist strap peg

9 - Charging indicator

10 - Nokia AV connector (3.5 mm)

11 - Micro USB connector

12 - Microphone

Touch screen

To control your phone, lightly touch the screen with your fingertips. The screen does not respond when you use your fingernails.

If your fingertips are cold, the screen may not respond to your touch.

Important: Avoid scratching the touch screen. Never use an actual pen, pencil, or other sharp object on the touch screen.


The camera flash can be used as a flashlight. To switch the flashlight on or off, slide and hold the key lock switch for two seconds.

Do not shine the flashlight in anyone's eyes.