Insert or remove the memory card

Use only compatible microSD and microSDHC cards approved by Nokia for use with this phone. Incompatible cards may damage the card and the phone and corrupt data stored on the card.

You can record high-definition videos with your phone. If you are recording a video to a memory card, for the best performance, use fast, high-quality microSD cards from known manufacturers. The recommended microSD card class is 4 (32Mbit/s (4MB/s)) or higher.

Do not attach any stickers to your memory card.

Insert a memory card

If a memory card is not already inserted:

  1. To remove the back cover of the phone, press the back cover with your fingers, slide the cover open, and lift the cover off.

  2. Make sure the contact area of the memory card is facing down.

    Push the card in, until you hear a click.

  3. Replace the back cover.

Remove the memory card

  1. Push the card in, until you hear a click.

  2. Pull the card out.