You can use your phone to read and reply to mail.

Select > Mail.

Select the mailbox and the mail.

Tip: To quickly read new mail, add a mail widget to your home screen.

Tip: To zoom in or out, place two fingers on the screen, then slide them together or apart.

Open or save an attachment

Select the attachment and Open or Save. If there is more than one attachment, you can save them all at once.

Reply to the mail

  1. Select > .

  2. Write your reply, then select .

  3. Select .

Forward the mail

  1. Select > .

  2. Write the mail address. To add a recipient from your contacts list, select .

  3. Edit the message, if you want, then select .

  4. Select .

Tip: If your mail contains a web address and you would like to open the address in the phone browser, select the address.

Read the next or previous mail in the mailbox

Use the arrow icons.

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