Does Nokia products have nanomaterials exposable to the user?

Nanomaterials which could be exposable to the user are not currently present in Nokia products. They continue to be part of Nokia’s research agenda.

Meeting health and environmental regulatory requirements is a basic requirement for Nokia. It is our practice to use legal compliance not as a mere baseline but as a starting point from which to grow. Our main objective is that we know all the substances in our products, not just those that raise concerns, and that they are safe for people and the environment when used in the proper way.

We aspire to go beyond legislation and compliance, and proactively drive the development and efficient use of more sustainable materials. We promote innovative and sustainable material choices, and work on this in close collaboration with our suppliers.

Nokia does not recommend that electronics products are given to children to be opened up as the products are not intended to be taken apart by users.

Phones that cannot be used anymore can be utilized otherwise - 100 percent of the materials in your phone can be recovered and used to make new products or generate energy. Please find your closest Nokia recycling point at or approach your local retailer or operator for guidance on where to return unused products for recycling.