How do I use the dictionary on my Nokia device?

Select Menu > Office > Dictionary.

To translate words from one language to another, enter text in the search field. As you enter text, suggestions of words to translate are displayed. To translate a word, select the word from the list.

Select Options and from the following:

  • Listen - Listen to the selected word.
  • History - Find previously translated words from the current session.
  • Writing languages - Select the writing language from the pre-defined list. The language list depending on your phone variants. 
  • Languages - Change the source language or the target language, download new languages from the web by using your device or remove a language from the dictionary. You cannot remove the English language from the dictionary. You can have two additional languages installed, besides English.
  • Speech - Edit the voice feature settings. You can adjust the speed and volume of the voice.

You can also download and install the languages to the Dictionary via PC from the following Nokia Support site: .