How do I remove the calendar entries on my Nokia device?

Go to the Calendar application, open the entry you are deleting and select Options > Delete > Entry.

To delete all the entries before a selected day, select Options > Delete > Before date > Enter the date. You can not delete future entries on your device.

To delete a recurring (repeated) entries, for example birthdays and anniversary entries, open one of the entry on the recurrence and select Options > Delete > All occurences or Delete series.

To delete all remaining entries from the calendar,

  1. Change the date of the device to the future, for example 
  2. Go to the Calendar and select  Options > Delete > Before date > Enter a date in the future (same date as you defined in step 1). This also deletes the recurring events which end before the date you defined in step 1.
  3. Change the date of the device back to the current date.