How do I customise the home screen on my Nokia E5-00 device?

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings > General > Personalise > Standby mode.

To change Home screen theme, select Home screen theme and one from the list: 

  • Contacts bar,
  • Active,  
  • Horizontal icon bar
  • Talking theme,
  • Basic or
  • Vertical icon bar.

Select Key Shortcuts to change an application or a bookmark on the Left selection key and the Right selection key.

Other selections vary depending on the selected home screen theme:

On Active theme, select Mode settings to define:

  • The E-mail notifications, Primary and Secondary mailbox and email preview, 
  • The Applications shortcuts, for example, Maps, Camera,.. 
  • The Home screen applications, for example, Mail Notifications, Missed call notification,..
  • The General theme on the home screen,
  • The Wallpaper on the home screen.

On Contact bar theme, to define home screen shortcuts and notifications select:

  • The Key shortcuts, Right and Left selection keys,
  • The Shortcuts, for example Camera, Maps, ..
  • The Home screen application, for example Calendar, WLAN or Contact bar,
  • E-mail notifications, define mailbox, Show message details and Visibility.