How do I send the touch tones (DTMF) on my Nokia phone?

You can send the touch tones during an active call to control your voice mailbox or other automated phone services.

To send a touch tone sequence

  1. Make a call, and wait until the other end answers.
  2. Select Options > Send DTMF.
  3. Enter the touch tone sequence, or select a predefined sequence.

To attach a touch tone sequence to a contact card

  1. You can add DTMF tones to the phone number or DTMF (Dual-tone multifrequency) fields in a contact. To add DTMF fields to Contacts, open a contact, and select Options > Edit > Options > Add detail > DTMF.
  2. Enter the tone sequence. To enter a wait character (w) or pause character (p), press * repeatedly. To insert a pause of about 2 seconds before or between DTMF tones, enter p.  To set the device to send the DTMF tones only after you select Send DTMF during a call, enter w.
  3. Select Done.