1. Make a call to the first participant.

  2. To make a call to another participant, select Options > New call. The first call is put on hold.

  3. When the new call is answered, to join the first participant in the conference call, select Options > Conference.

    To add a new person to the call, repeat step 2, and select Options > Conference > Add to conference.

    Your device supports conference calls between a maximum of six participants, including yourself.

    To have a private conversation with one of the participants, select Options > Conference > Private.

    Select a participant, and select Private. The conference call is put on hold on your device. The other participants can still continue the conference call.

    After you finish the private conversation, select Options > Conference to return to the conference call.

    To drop a participant, select Options > Conference > Drop participant, scroll to the participant, and select Drop.

  4. To end the active conference call, press the end key.