Select Menu > Media > RealPlayer.

RealPlayer plays video and sound clips that are stored on your device, transferred from an e-mail message, or a compatible computer, or streamed to your device over the web. Supported file formats include MPEG-4, MP4 (not streaming), 3GP, RV, RA, AMR, and Midi. RealPlayer does not necessarily support all variations of a media file format.

Play video clips and stream links

To play a video, select Video clips, and a video.

To list recently played files, in the application main view, select Recently played.

To stream content over the air (network service), select Streaming links and a link. RealPlayer recognizes two kinds of links: an rtsp:// URL and an http:// URL that points to a RAM file. Before the content begins streaming, your device must connect to a website and buffer the content. If a network connection problem causes a playback error, RealPlayer attempts automatically to reconnect to the internet access point.

To download video clips from the web, select Downld. videos.

To adjust the volume during playback, use the volume keys.

To fast-forward during playback, scroll right and hold. To rewind during play, scroll left and hold.

To stop the playback or streaming, select Stop. Buffering or the connection to the streaming site stops, the playback of the clip stops, and the clip rewinds to the beginning.

To view the video in full-screen mode, select Options > Continue in normal scr. .

View information about a media clip

To view the properties of a video or sound clip, or web link, select Options > Clip details. Information may include for example the bit rate or the internet link of a streaming file.

RealPlayer settings

Select Menu > Media > RealPlayer.

You may receive RealPlayer settings in a message from your service provider.

To define the settings manually, select Options > Settings > Video or Streaming.