Alarm clock

Select Menu > Applications > Clock.

To view your active and inactive alarms, open the alarms tab. To set a new alarm, select Options > New alarm. Define the repetition, if needed. When an alarm is active, is displayed.

To turn off the sounding alarm, select Stop. To stop the alarm for a certain time period, select Snooze.

If your device is switched off when an alarm is due, your device switches itself on and starts sounding the alarm tone.

Tip: To define the time period after which the alarm sounds again when you set it to snooze, select Options > Settings > Alarm snooze time.

To cancel an alarm, select Options > Remove alarm.

To change the time, date, and clock type settings, select Options > Settings.

To automatically update the time, date, and time zone information to your device (network service), select Options > Settings > Automatic time update > On.

World clock

Select Menu > Applications > Clock.

To view the time in different locations, open the world clock tab. To add locations to the list, select Options > Add location. You can add a maximum of 15 locations to the list.

To set your current location, scroll to a location, and select Options > Set as current location. The location is displayed in the clock main view, and the time in your device is changed according to the selected location. Ensure that the time is correct and matches your time zone.

Clock settings

Select Options > Settings.

To change the time or date, select Time or Date.

To change the clock shown on the home screen, select Clock type > Analog or Digital.

To allow the mobile phone network to update the time, date and time zone information to your device (network service), select Automatic time update > On.

To change the alarm tone, select Clock alarm tone.