Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Profiles.

You can adjust and customize the ringing tones, alert tones, and other device tones for different events, environments, or caller groups. The active profile is shown at the top of the display in the home screen. However, if the active profile is General, only today's date is shown.

To create a new profile, select Options > Create new, and define the settings.

To customize a profile, select a profile and Options > Customize.

To activate a profile, select a profile and Options > Activate.

To set the profile to be active until a certain time within the next 24 hours, scroll to the profile, select Options > Timed, and set the time. When the time expires, the profile changes back to the previously active non-timed profile. When the profile is timed, is displayed in the home screen. The Offline profile cannot be timed.

To delete a profile that you created, select Options > Delete profile. You cannot delete the predefined profiles.

When the Offline profile is activated, your connection to the cellular network is closed. All radio frequency signals between the device and the cellular network are prevented. If you try to send a message, it is placed in the Outbox folder, and is sent only when another profile is activated.

You can also use your device without a SIM card. If you remove the SIM card, the Offline profile is activated.

Important: In the Offline profile you cannot make or receive any calls, or use other features that require cellular network coverage. Calls may still be possible to the official emergency number programmed into your device. To make calls, you must first activate the phone function by changing profiles. If the device has been locked, enter the lock code.

When you use the Offline profile, you can still use a Wi-Fi network, for example, to read your mail or browse the internet. You can also use Bluetooth connectivity. Remember to comply with any applicable safety requirements when you establish and use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.