Select Menu > Messaging.

You can receive special messages that contain data, such as operator logos, ringing tones, bookmarks, or internet access or e-mail account settings.

To save the contents of these messages, select Options > Save object.

Service messages

Service messages are sent to your device by service providers. Service messages may contain notifications such as news headlines, services, or links through which the message content can be downloaded.

To define the service message settings, select Options > Settings > Service message.

To download the service or message content, select Options > Download message.

To view information about the sender, web address, expiration date, and other details of the message before downloading it, select Options > Message details.

Send service commands

You can send a service request message (also known as a USSD command) to your service provider and request activation for certain network services. Contact your service provider for the service request text.

To send a service request message, select Options > Service commands. Enter the service request text and select Options > Send.