About Gallery

Select Menu > Media > Gallery.

Gallery is a storage place for your images, video and sound clips, songs, and streaming links.

Main view

Select Menu > Media > Gallery.

Select from the following:

Images - View images and video clips in Photos.

Video clips - View video clips in Video center.

Songs - Open Music player.

Sound clips - Listen to sound clips.

Streaming links - View and open streaming links.

Presentations - View presentations.

You can browse and open folders and copy and move items to folders. You can also create albums and copy and add items to albums.

Files stored on your compatible memory card (if inserted) are indicated with .

To open a file, select the file from the list. Video clips and streaming links open and play in Video center, and music and sound clips in Music player.

To copy or move files to another memory location, select a file, Options > Move and copy, and the appropriate option.

Sound clips

Select Menu > Media > Gallery and Sound clips.

This folder contains all the sound clips you have downloaded from the web. The sound clips created with the Recorder application with MMS-optimized or normal quality settings are also saved in this folder, but the sound clips created with high quality settings are stored in the Music player application.

To listen to a sound file, select the file from the list.

To rewind or fast-forward, scroll left or right.

To download sounds, select Downld. sounds.

Streaming links

Select Menu > Media > Gallery and Streaming links.

To open a streaming link, select the link from the list.

To add a new streaming link, select Options > New link.


Select Menu > Media > Gallery.

With presentations, you can view scalable vector graphics (SVG) and flash files (SWF), such as cartoons and maps. SVG images maintain their appearance when printed or viewed with different screen sizes and resolutions.

To view files, select Presentations. Go to an image, and select Options > Play. To pause playing, select Options > Pause.

To zoom in, press 5. To zoom out, press 0.

To rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, press 1 or 3, respectively. To rotate the image 45 degrees, press 7 or 9.

To switch between full and normal screen mode, press *.