Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General.

Select from the following:

Personalization - Change the display settings, and customize the device.

Date and time - Change the date and time.

Enhancement - Change the settings for your accessories.

Security - Change the security settings.

Factory settings - Restore the original settings of the device.

Positioning - Define the positioning method and server for GPS-based applications.

Available options may vary.

Personalization settings

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General > Personalization.

Display settings

To define the level of light that the device needs before switching on the backlight, select Display > Light sensor.

To change the text size, select Display > Font size.

To adjust the length of time the display can be left idle before the screen saver is activated, select Display > Power saver time-out.

To select a welcome note or logo for the display, select Display > Welcome note / logo. You can either choose the default welcome note, enter your own text, or select an image.

To set how quickly the display dims after the last keypress, select Display > Light time-out.

Tone settings

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings.

Select General > Personalization > Tones and from the following:

Ringing tone - Select a ringing tone from the list, or select Download sounds to open a bookmark folder containing a list of bookmarks for downloading tones using the browser.

Video call tone - Select a ringing tone for video calls.

Say caller's name - If you select this setting and someone from your contacts list calls you, the device sounds a ringing tone that is a combination of the spoken name of the contact and the selected ringing tone.

Ringing type - Select how you want the ringing tone to alert you.

Ringing volume - Set the volume level of the ringing tone.

Message alert tone - Select a tone for received text messages.

E-mail alert tone - Select a tone for received e-mail messages.

Calendar alarm tone - Select a tone for calendar alerts.

Clock alarm tone - Select a tone for clock alarms.

Vibrating alert - Set the device to vibrate when you receive a call or message.

Keypad tones - Set the volume level of the keypad tones.

Warning tones - Activate the warning tones.

T-coil hearing aid mode - Activate T-coil hearing aid mode.

Language settings

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General > Personalization > Language.

Phone language - Set the device language.

Writing language - Select the language used for writing notes and messages.

Predictive text - Activate predictive text input.

Input options - Define the settings for predictive text input.

Messaging key settings

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General > Personalization > Messaging key.

To select which application or task is opened when you press the messaging key, select Messaging key.

To restore the preset application or task, select Restore defaults.

Date and time settings

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General > Date and time.

Select from the following:

Date and Time - Set the current date and time.

Time zone - Define your time zone.

Date format and Date separator - Define the date format and separator.

Time format and Time separator - Select whether to use the 12-hour or 24-hour clock system and with which symbol to separate hours and minutes.

Clock type - Define the clock type.

Clock alarm tone - Select the tone for the alarm clock.

Alarm snooze time - Define the snooze time for the alarm clock.

Workdays - Define the days of the week that are work days for you.

Automatic time update - Update the time, date, and time zone information automatically (network service).

Accessory settings

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General > Enhancement.

To define which profile is activated when you attach an accessory to your device, select the accessory and Default profile.

To set the device to answer phone calls automatically after 5 seconds when an accessory is attached, select the accessory and Automatic answer > On. If the ringing type is set to Beep once or Silent in the selected profile, automatic answering is disabled.

To illuminate the device while it is attached to an accessory, select Lights > On. This option is only available for certain accessories.

Security settings

Security settings

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General > Security.

Select from the following:

Phone and SIM card - Edit the security settings for your device and SIM card.

Certificate management - Manage your security certificates.

Protected content - Edit your settings for DRM-protected content.

Security module - Manage your security module.

Avoid using codes that are similar to emergency numbers to prevent accidental dialing of the emergency number. Codes are shown as asterisks. When you change a code, enter the current code, then the new code twice.

Device and SIM card security

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings > General > Security.

  1. To change the PIN code, select Phone and SIM card > PIN code. The new code must be 4 to 8 digits long. The PIN code protects your SIM card against unauthorized use and is provided with the SIM card. After three consecutive incorrect PIN code entries, the code is blocked, and you need to use the PUK code to unblock it before you can use the SIM card again.

  1. To set the keypad to lock automatically after a defined period, select Phone and SIM card > Keypad autolock period.

  1. To set a time-out period after which the device is automatically locked and can be used only if the correct lock code is entered, select Phone and SIM card > Phone autolock period. Enter the length of the time-out period in minutes, or select None to deactiveate the autolock feature. When the device is locked, you can still answer incoming calls and calls may still be possible to the official emergency number programed into your device.

  1. To change the pin code, select Phone and SIM card > Lock code. The default lock code is 12345. Enter the current code and then the new code twice. The new code must be 4-255 characters long. Alphanumeric (uppercase and lowercase) characters can be used. The device notifies you if the lock code is not properly formatted.

Restore original settings

To restore the original device settings, select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General > Factory settings. To do this, you need your device lock code. After resetting, the device may take a longer time to power on. Documents, contact information, calendar entries, and files are unaffected.

Positioning settings

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General > Positioning.

To use a specific positioning method to detect the location of your device, select Positioning methods.

To select a positioning server, select Positioning server.

To select which measurement system you want to use for speeds and distances, select Notation preferences > Measurement system.

To define in which format the coordinate information is displayed in your device, select Notation preferences > Coordinate format.