Learn how to use and customize your home screen, and organize the content as you like.

Home screen

The home screen is your starting point where you can collect all your important contacts and application shortcuts.

When you have switched on the device, and it is registered to a network, the device is in the home screen view.

Use the scroll key to navigate in the home screen.


1 - Contacts bar

2 - Application plug-ins

3 - Application shortcuts

To customize application plug-ins and shortcuts, or to change the home screen theme, select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings and General > Personalization > Standby mode > Home screen theme and the appropriate option. You might not be able to change all shortcuts. Some home screen themes may not support all applications.

Contacts bar

To add a contact to your home screen, select the Add icon and a contact from the list.

To create a new contact, select Options > New contact, enter the details, and select Done. You can also add an image to the contact information.

To remove a contact from the home screen, in the contact information view, select the Open icon and Remove.