The available input methods may vary.

Use the keyboard

1 - Function key

2 - Shift key

3 - Sym key

4 - Backspace key

5 - Enter key

6 - Ctrl key

Switch between the different character cases

To change between the upper and lower case modes, press the shift key twice. To enter a single upper case letter in lower case mode, or vice versa, press the shift key once, and then the desired alphabet key.

Insert a number or special character printed at the top of a key

Press the function key, and then press the corresponding alphabet key, or press and hold the alphabet key only. To enter several special characters in a row, press the function key twice quickly, and then press the desired alphabet keys. To return to normal mode, press the function key again.

Insert a special character that is not on the keyboard

Press the sym key, and select and a character.

Insert a letter that is not on the keyboard

It is possible to insert variations of letters, for example, letters with accents. For example, to insert á, press and hold the sym key, and simultaneously press the A key repeatedly, until the desired character is displayed. The order and availability of letters depends on the selected writing language.

Insert a smiley

Press the sym key, and select a smiley. Smileys are only available for text and multimedia messages.

Tip: To add a recently used special character, while pressing and holding the ctrl key, press the sym key, and from the pop-up menu, select the character.

Copy and paste text

  1. Press and hold the shift key, and scroll to highlight the text you want to copy.

  2. Press ctrl + C.

  3. Go to the place where you want to paste the text, and press ctrl + V.

Change the writing language or activate predictive text input

Select Options > Input options.

Predictive text input

To activate predictive text input, select Options > Input options > Activate prediction.

When you start writing a word, your device suggests possible words. When the correct word is found, scroll right to confirm it.

While writing, you can also scroll down to access a list of suggested words. If the desired word is on the list, select the word.

If the word you are writing is not in the dictionary of the device, the device suggests a possible word, while the word you were writing is shown above the suggested word. Scroll up to select your word. The word is added to the dictionary when you start writing the next word.

To deactivate predictive text input, select Options > Input options > Deactivate prediction.

To define the settings for text input, select Options > Input options > Settings.

To change the writing language, select Options > Input options > Writing language.