Why is the same image shown for all my contacts when I receive a call?

The same image is shown for all the contacts if you have defined a common call image and have not specifically assigned any own image for a contact. The call image will then be shown for all the contacts who don't have an own image defined in their contact settings.

The common call image for all the contacts can be defined in the following menus (e.g. in Nokia N97 mini, N8-00, E7-00):

  • Select Options > Use image > Set as call image when opening an image e.g. in Photos application.
  • Select the desired image in Menu > Settings > Themes > Call image > User defined.

If an image has been separately assigned for a user, it will be shown instead of the common call image when receiving a call.

To turn off the common call image, select Menu > Settings > Themes > Call image > None or Theme image (if you want a theme specific image to be shown).