Nokia E6-00 - What can I do straight away after updating to Nokia Belle and what needs extra steps?

After the update to Nokia Belle you will be straight away able to:

  • Call and text your contacts, 
  • Check your calendar appointments (except if stored on MS Exchange server),
  • Browse your bookmarks and check out your web feeds,
  • Find your favourite places on maps that you have loaded to your phone earlier,
  • Type messages and have your own slang words recognised by word prediction ,
  • Play your DRM-free music,
  • Browse your photos and videos,
  • Access your documents (phone memory files can be found under Nokia_Belle on mass memory/memory card/PC).

Some operations need extra time or steps after the update, such as

  • Waiting for a while for some of apps to be automatically reinstalled by Installer,
  • Re-downloading the rest of the apps,
  • Re-licensing music either online or using PC,
  • Re-create email accounts,
  • Re-configure Wi-Fi,
  • Personalizing home screen or ringtones.