What if I have trouble installing an update on my Symbian phone?

  • An update package can be several megabytes in size, so it is recommended that you use a Wi-Fi connection when updating with the Software Update app on your phone. Wi-Fi connection is your phone’s default connection method.
  • Before starting the update, make sure your phone has enough battery power. If the phone battery level is too low, your phone will prompt you to charge the battery before starting the update.
  • It is recommended that you create a backup before doing a software update using Nokia Suite.
  • Check that your phone is set to the correct date and time. With a wrong date or time, your phone might not be able to access the updates.
  • Make enough space on your phone for the update. If necessary, remove some apps or other large items.
  • After the update, you can re-download apps from Opera Store.
  • If you have problems during the software update, you can also seek asnwers in our Community.