What is the JobLens application on my Lumia phone?

JobLens gives you access to 7 unique channels to discover new job opportunities in the physical world around you and through your social graph. JobLens provides employment trends, job compensation data, neighborhood demographics, and company profiles, news and financial data to people who wish to research prospective employers. You can create resumes, store them in Skydrive, and send them to hiring managers, all from within the JobLens app. Powered by Indeed, Linkedin, Here Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live, CareerOneStop (US), Salary.com (US), Zillow (US), Data.uk.gov (UK), and Payscale (UK), the app enables you to discover new job opportunities in both the physical world and through your social networks. JobLens helps you every step of the way:

  • Find positions that are right for you
  • Identify people in your social network who can connect you to the hiring manager
  • Create and store your resume/CV
  • Apply to the job
  • Get directions to the interview 
  • Get up-to-date news and information about employers you like
  • Learn about job location demographics and employment trends in your field
  • Save jobs you like and track your progress