Is my location tracked by JobLens on my Lumia device?

  • JobLens only obtains your location with your consent. You can change whether the application obtains your location at any time under settings.
  • JobLens uses your location to map job postings to your location.
  • JobLens caches last known your location on the Lumia device. It uses your location when searching for jobs (Indeed). This is shared over the internet and secured with SSL. For Indeed and LinkedIn services, JobLens doesn't send your direct location (lat/long or address) but only the ZIP code and state that you are in. JobLens also does not send any information about you with that ZIP code. For example, the JobLens app doesn't send username+NY_CITY_ZIP.
  • The JobLens app provides your lat/long using only the Here Maps app and also in this case without any direct user information.