How can I transfer music to my Lumia phone?

Transfer files between your Lumia and a computer

You can transfer the files from your old phone to your computer, and then connect your new phone to your computer using a compatible USB cable, and drag and drop the items to your new phone. You can also use the Windows Phone app to transfer your files.

You need to have the appropriate software and, if you want to use it, the Windows Phone app installed on your computer. To download and install the latest version of the app, go to You may need to restart your computer, and you may need to install additional software.

Depending on what you need to install, and how much data you are transferring, this may take a while.

Some music files can be protected by digital rights management (DRM). You may not be able to sync them with your Nokia Lumia phone.

These instructions may not apply to all phone models and manufacturers.

There may be third-party computer apps available, such as Welcome Home to Windows Phone, that transfer data from your old phone to your new phone.

  1. Use a compatible USB data cable to connect your old phone to your computer.
  2. Sync the desired content to your PC with the appropriate sync software, such as Nokia Suite, Zune, iTunes, HTC Sync, or Samsung Kies. Note the folders where you synced the files, and make sure the files are found in corresponding libraries on your PC or media folders on your Mac.
  3. When the sync is complete, connect your new phone to your computer, and drag and drop the items to your phone, which is shown as a separate drive on your computer. You can also open the Windows Phone app and use it to select the content you want to sync.