I cannot get a mobile network signal on my Lumia phone

1. Restart your phone and make sure that your phone is not in Flight mode.

2. Check the signal strength on the phone screen, and move to an area with better reception. If you continuously experience low signal strength in a certain area, the mobile network coverage may be insufficient there. With Netradar you can check mobile operator coverage maps. The maps are available at www.netradar.org.

3. Change network selection mode to automatic. Select Settings > mobile+SIM and tap SIM settings. Under Network selection, open a list and select automatic.

4. Remove any accessory covers or shells from the phone temporarily to check if they affect the signal strength.

5. Check that your SIM card is fully inserted. If possible, try your SIM card in another phone and/or try another SIM card with your phone.

  • Note: Do not use SIM cards that have been modified to fit the SIM slot. If a regular SIM card has been cut to a smaller SIM format you will have to contact your operator to order a replacement SIM.