When will I get the update to my Lumia phone?

Your Windows Phone 8 will notify you when an update is available, but you can track the software delivery status here. Please note that phones for which there are no OTA updates available yet are not included in the list. Software updates for Lumia range are released gradually, so update availability may vary depending on the operator/region.

  • To check your current software release, go to Settings > extras+info.
  • To check your current firmware & OS versions, go to Settings > about > more information.
  • To check your country/operator details, go to Settings > about > Carrier.
  • To check your manufacturer name, go to Settings > extras+info.

Manufacturer name is a unique identifier configured at manufacturing time for each phone software variant (e.g. mobile operator), that determinates whether a specific OTA update is applicable for your phone. You will not be able to download software updates that are listed for other devices or software variants on the Lumia update availability pages.

There can be several updates available for your phone, so follow all the update prompts that appear on your phone to ensure you get to the latest version. For more information on how to update Lumia phone software, go to http://microsoft.com/mobile/support/.