Can I move or save apps to my memory card on my Lumia phone?

Yes, you can if you have Lumia Cyan in your phone. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap storage sense. To change where your phone stores your apps and other files, tap phone or SD card for each file type. To move apps to the memory card, tap phone > apps+games, select which apps to move, and tap move to SD. You can later move the apps back to your phone from the memory card. The SD card can only have apps from a single phone installed at any given time.

Note: All apps can’t be moved. To see if an app can be moved, on the start screen, swipe left, and tap storage sense > phone > apps + games, and select the app you want to move. If the option move to SD is unavailable, you can’t move the app.

Note: You can’t save maps to the memory card with the exception of the Lumia 530 where an SD card is required before you can choose a map to download. The type of the memory card may affect how long it takes to move large files to the card.