With text and multimedia messages, you can quickly contact your friends and family.

  1. Tap messaging iconMessaging.
  2. Tap plus icon.

    If you start writing a message and switch to another app before sending it, you can continue your message when you return to Messaging. Tap options icon > drafts. The draft message is deleted when sent.

  3. To add a recipient from your contacts list, tap plus icon, or start writing a name. You can also type in a phone number.

    Tip: To add several recipients, tap plus icon > manage mode icon, select the recipients you want, and tap done icon.

  4. Tap the message box, and write your message.

    Tip: To add a smiley, tap smiley icon.

  5. To add an attachment, tap attachment icon, and select the attachment.
  6. To send the message, tap send icon.

    Tip: To be able to send multimedia messages, swipe down from the top of the screen, tap ALL SETTINGS > cellular+‎SIM, and switch Data connection to ontoggle on icon.

    Only compatible devices can receive and show multimedia messages. Messages may look different in different devices.

Forward a message

  1. In threads, tap a conversation, tap and hold the message you want to forward, and tap forward.

Before forwarding the message, you can edit what's written or add or remove attachments.