Nokia Lumia 1520 - Send a message

With text and multimedia messages, you can quickly contact your friends and family.

If you start writing a message, and switch to another app before sending it, you can continue your message when you return to Messaging. Tap options icon > drafts. The draft message is deleted when sent.

  1. Tap messaging iconMessaging.
  2. Tap plus icon.
  3. To add a recipient from your contacts list, tap plus icon, or start writing a name. You can also type in a phone number.

    To add several recipients, tap plus icon > manage mode icon, the recipients you want, and done icon.

  4. Tap the message box, and write your message.

    To add a smiley, tap smiley icon.

  5. To add an attachment, tap attachment icon and the file.

    You can also take a new photo while writing your message. Tap picture > camera icon, take a photo, and tap accept.

    If the item you insert in a multimedia message is too large for the network, the device may automatically reduce the size.

  6. To send the message, tap send icon.

    Only compatible devices can receive and show multimedia messages. Messages may look different in different devices.