Do you use different mail addresses for business and leisure? You can add several mailboxes to your tablet.

If you haven't signed in to your Microsoft account while getting started with your tablet, you can sign in now. Tap mail iconMail, and follow the instructions shown on your tablet. Your mail account is also added automatically.

Add other mail accounts

  1. Tap mail iconMail.
  2. Swipe in from the right of the screen, and tap charm settings iconSettings > Accounts.
  3. Tap Add an account.
  4. Tap an account, and write your address and password.

    To use your work mail, contacts, and calendar with your tablet, add an Exchange ActiveSync account to your tablet. Tap Exchange > Show more details, and type in the required details.

  5. Tap Connect.

    Depending on your mail account, you can also sync other items to your tablet, such as contacts and your calendar.

If your tablet doesn't find your mail settings, you can use advanced setup. For this, you need to know your mail account type and the addresses of your incoming and outgoing mail servers. You can get this info from your mail service provider.

While selecting the account type, tap Other Account, select the account type, and tap Connect. Then tap Show more details, type in the required details, and tap Connect.