What can I do to free up the phone memory on my Lumia?

1. Remove unwanted stuff from your phone by using the Storage Check application. Go to Settings > Storage check, and swipe left:

  1. Tap details under Apps to find out what apps you have on your phone, consider uninstalling some of them to increase the space in your phone memory.
  2. Tap maps under Maps, the screen will show you the maps you have downloaded to your phone. Long press an individual map to get an option to remove it, or delete all maps.
  3. Tap clear under Temporary files to clear the files that are safe to remove.
  • Note! If your Lumia has lastest Windows Phone 8 update, you can use the Storage Sense instead (Settings > storage sense).
  • Note! The Storage Check app is not removed if you update your phone. It will remain until you reset and recover your phone.

2. Delete browsing history, temporary files, cookies and saved passwords in Internet Explorer (Settings > applications > Internet Explorer > delete history).

3. Delete previous map searches and temporary files from your phone (Settings > applications > maps > delete history).

4. Delete Bing search history, including Bing Vision and Bing Music searches (Settings > applications > search > delete history).

5. Remove old Office documents from your phone: Press Start, swipe left, and select Officeplaces (locations) > phone. Long press any document and then select Delete.

6. Remove offline mixes from MixRadio: Press Start, swipe left, and select MixRadio > offline mixes. Long press any mix and then select Delete.

7. If you have a PC, connect your phone to a computer with a compatible USB cable. On your computer, use File (Windows) Explorer and do one of the following:  

  • a. Browse to the phone folder of your Windows Phone. Move content like music, videos, pictures and office documents to your PC.
  • b. If your phone supports the SD card storage, browse to the SD card folder. Open the Pictures folder and move photos to your PC.

Check your storage space from your phone, select Settings > storage check (storage sense).