I cannot send or receive email

If you can connect to internet using your phone's browser but your email does not sync with the server, or if you see an error message, follow these steps:

  1. Check your phone's date and time. If the time is wrong, your phone might not be able to access your email.
  2. Check your email account on the phone to see if specific attention is required.
  3. Use your browser to sign in to your email providers online mailbox to make sure that your password is correct, and that the email service is active.
  4. Clean your inbox. Move your emails from inbox to a temp folder. This is also to determine if there are corrupted emails causing synchronization problems, then sign out.
  5. Close any other email programs to ensure that there is only one device trying to access your email account at any one time and try again. 

I can't receive email on my phone

  1. Check any Junk mail folders. Perhaps your email was received but accidentally filtered.
  2. Change your email sync setting, which specifies in days how old items should be downloaded from the server. This can resolve the issue of not seeing an older email items on your phone.

I can receive but not send email from my phone

  1. Try using Wi-Fi instead of the mobile data.
  2. Check with your email provider for any specific settings, or compare the settings to another phone. It is often the case that the email provider will use different settings when sending email depending on which network you are on. You may be asked to use the email provider’s own server to send emails, or use different encryption settings when sending email.

I get an error message

  • Use your browser, try searching online to find a support article for the error message.