Notes on paper are easy to lose. Instead of jotting them down on paper, you can write your notes with Microsoft OneNote Mobile. This way, you always have your notes with you. You can also sync your notes to SkyDrive and view and edit them with OneNote on your phone, on your computer, or online in a web browser.

  1. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap OneNote iconOneNote.
  2. Tap plus icon.
  3. Write your note.
  4. To format the text, tap options icon > format.
  5. To add a picture, tap add picture icon.
  6. To record a sound clip, tap speech icon.
  7. To save the changes, press back key.

    If you have a Microsoft account set up on your phone, your changes will be saved and synced to your default Personal (Web) notebook on SkyDrive. Otherwise, your changes will be saved on your phone.

Send a note in a mail

  1. Tap a note and options icon > share....

    Tip: To access an important note quickly, you can pin it to the start screen. Tap and hold the note, and tap pin to start.