How can I divert incoming calls on my Lumia phone?

Follow the steps below in order to forward your incoming calls to another phone or the voice mailbox:

Activate Call Forwarding:

  1. On the Start screen, tap Phone > ...settings.
  2. Set the Call forwarding toggle switch to On.
  3. Enter the number to which you want to forward your calls and tap Save.
  4. Your network operator getting the Call forwarding information.
  5. The Call forwarding icon appears when All calls forwarding is turned on.

Deactivate Call Forwarding:

  1. On the Start screen, tap Phone > ... > settings.
  2. Set the Call forwarding toggle switch to Off.
  3. Call forward is disabled.

Here is an overview of some often used Call Divert options:

If you want to extend the time before a divert activates you can add **[time in seconds] after the number. So to activate divert for all calls to number 12345 after 30 seconds you would enter: **61*12345**30# CALL.

The codes mentioned are what most operators use, but they can be different so check with your operator. Also if these codes are not supported by your network you will get a 'Unknown request' or 'Request denied' from the network as a response.

Note that the call settings do not work on 4G. To manage the diverts, select one of the options (depending on your Lumia model):

  1. Go to Settings > mobile+SIM > SIM settings > SIM, and select Highest connection speed and tap 2G.
  2. Go to Settings > mobile network (or cellular) and select Highest connection speed and tap 2G.