Can I define multiple simultaneous Activesync accounts on my Lumia device?

Yes, Mail for Exchange/Outlook allows up to 10 sync relationships in one Lumia device. If more accounts are added, another one has to be deleted in order to keep the total number 10.

When you define first Outlook account using Microsoft Exchange server, select Outlook from the predefined email provider list.

When you define a second Outlook account or a Hotmail account using Activesync, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select email+accounts
  3. Select add account
  4. Select advanced setup
  5. Type your second Outlook (or a Hotmail) email address and password and select next
  6. Select Exchange Activesync.
  7. Type domain and other requested info. 

Note: When defining a Hotmail leave the domain name empty and enter server name