Nokia Lumia 710 - Why am I not able to see the US MixRadio application in the Windows Phone Store?

Please select Menu and check in Settings > region+language that the two options Region format and System locale are both set correctly. For the customers who live in the US these should be set to United States in both of these options. If they are set to a country where the service is not available then you would not see the app in Windows Phone Store.

  • If these settings are not correct and you need to change them, please remember to click the link marked “Press here to accept changes and restart your phone” in order that the changes are saved.
  • Please note that due to licensing arrangements with the music providers, Nokia MixRadio service is specific to certain countries.
  • Note: If you are in a country with multiple languages, or if you live in a country other than your country of birth, you can still set your own choice of display language without affecting this.