Nokia Lumia 800 - Can I share videos on my Lumia phone?

If your phone is updated to the latest software, you can share videos directly from the phone through MMS, email or online sharing services such as Facebook and OneDrive.

Videos stored in the Camera Roll can be attached to an MMS message, to do that:

  1. From Start, tap Messaging.
  2. Tap (+) to create a new message, or tap an existing message thread to open the compose card.
  3. Tap the attach button. Tap picture or video.
  4. Choose a video from the albums to select a video.
  5. Under the inserted video, tap on the type a message text. Enter any annotations desired, or tap attach to add another item.

Tap and hold on any item in the compose card to bring up the option to remove.

Note: A content delivery over MMS vary depending on the network setup, carriers, mobile data subscription, video transcoding, resolution and length.

Tip: With the free Play To application for Lumia phones you can show pictures and videos wirelessly on other DLNA capable devices (TV’s, BlueRay players, Mediaplayer in Windows 7, etc…) connected to their network.