What is the Camera Extras application on my Lumia device?

The Camera Extras application extends the Camera functionality on the Nokia Lumia devices. It allows you to take Panorama pictures, compose the pictures, take timed pictures, capture images in sequence and play the action from the images using a slider in post-capture. After updating the Lumia device to software OS version 7.10.8773.98 or later, you can install the application from Marketplace.

The Camera Extras contains the following features:

  • Action Shot: Capture 8 images in a sequence. You can play the action from the images using a slider in post-capture.
  • Smart Group Shot: Capture 5 images and auto-compose the best shot by grabbing smiles and avoiding blinks. Let the user compose the picture themself if they don’t like the result.
  • Self-timer: Press the capture key and a timer counts down 10 seconds, then a picture is taken.
  • Panorama: Capture a panorama picture.

Note: Depending on the Lumia phone model, some restrictions may apply. The restrictions depend on certain phone specifications such as performance and the amount of memory. For example, you can only capture 3 pictures instead of 5 with the Panorama feature in Lumia 610.